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Cuba Vacation on Beach


Cuba travel has changed a lot in the past decade thanks to the invention of the Internet, today Cuba is wide open travel. You can travel to the other side of Cuba for very cheap these days.
Due to the many options available to Travel to Cuba, Havana. Varadero, Trinidad its best to plan your Cuba trip so you can have a better holiday and save time and money.

Here are some Cuba Travel tips:

1. Use Cuba specialized Travel Agents. They are free to use and have the Cuba experience that you need without paying a fee. Cuba travel agents get paid directly from the vendors  of Cuba flights. Cuba hotels and Cuban tour agencies so use thier free services and knowledge. Plus as a bonus Cuban travel agencies have special discount access to hot Cuba package deals that often are not available anywhere else. You can remove the headache out of vacation planning so you can relax while your cuba package deals are sorted out.  Remember to include travel insurance in your Cuba packages becasue you will need it when you arrive in  Havana or Varadero.

2. Use the Internet. Online you can do all your research before your trip to Cuba and compare travel deals on many Cuba related sites all in an instant.  If your American you cannot use travel sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, but other international vacationers can find lower rates than ever before for Cuba flights, hotels, and Cuba package deals. Remember that the best Cuba or Havana deals often requires time and patience to compare prices and with direct booking so its easy to plan right from your computer at home.

3. Cuba Travel Guide Books
. Cuba travel guide books are a Cuban traveler's best friend. Experienced Havana & Varadero travels research and produce all types of Cuban guidebooks based on their own experiences in Cayo  Coco, Trinidad, Cayo Largo, Santiago de Cuba, Vinales, and of coarse Varadero & Havana Beaches.  The best Cuba advise is from a tourist who's been to Havana and Cuba beaches and already done that. Also if you prefer luxury Hotels in Cuba then  its easy to find a Havana Holiday guidebook to meet your needs with travel guidebooks that are free  at your local library.

4. Booking Cuba Vacation Direct
. Check all the Cuban travel companies that offer special cheap deals to tourist that book directly with them. This works really good with Cuba tour and cruise companies who promote thier Cuban travel deals to their own customers. Its easy to snag rates as low as 50% off, half-price or lower if you book at the last minute wich is the cheapest most flexible way to travel to Cuba.

Varadero Beach & Cuba travel guides can open up our heart to  the treasures  of Cuba, an island world that everyone dreams of visiting.  Dont forget to buy your Cuba travel insurance and whether you travel  to Havana, Varadero beach, Trinidad or any other Cuban hot spot you will be pleased that you are fully protected that you did your research before your Cuba vacation.
around the globe or just a city away, a little careful planning and an open mind can allow for an experience of a lifetime. Happy Cuba Holiday!

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Cuba (Photo credit: citronate)


Cheap Travel Insurance is a must before you enter Cuba because all tourist that travel to Cuba are required under Cuban law to have purchased coverage by a Cuban Travel Medical Insurance company. Cuban immigration officials check your insurance coverage before you arrive in Cuba at Customs. If you have proper Travel and health insurance  coverage along with acceptable documentation then you will have to buy additional Cuban travel insurance from the only local insurance provider in Cuba, ASISTUR S.A.  which has an office in the immigration area of the Cuban airport.

Cheap Cuba Travel Insurance

If you want to buy cheaper travel insurance its best to buy this extra coverage health insurance before you go to Cuba from an international Insurance company from this list of Travel, Health and Auto Insurance companies that that includes Cuba on the itinerary.
  •     RBC Travel Insurance
  •     Round the World Insurance
  •     Travel Guard
  •     Global Travel
  •     Insure My Trip
  •     Quote Travel Insurance
  •     World Nomads
The Cuban company is Asistur S.A  and offers these  coverage options. You should ask these questions such as exactly what is covered and how much it costs, ow to get assistance in case of accident in Cuba, what are the general conditions and what are the list of  other companies that provide Travel Insurance to Cuba

The Cuban Insurer ASISTUR S.A.

The only Travel and health Insurance partner in Cuba is Asistur S.A., the only Cuban organization that specializes in all types of assistance to tourist while they are vacationing in Cuba. Asistur Travel Insurance will give you the advantage of dealing directly with Cuban institutions without having to contact an agency outside of Cuba to confirm to a Cuban entity that you are covered. In case you need medical treatment or even hospitalization, Asistur S.A. will take care of and pay for everything for free medical and health treatment anywhere in Cuba plus you will have a local 24-hour Cuban hotline to call for prompt services while you are in Cuba.  Asistur has agencies all over Cuba and in every major Cuban resort center representing over 200 insurance and assistance companies in 40 countries.


 Contact Information:


  • Cuban Insurance Prices and coverage limits in Cuba are all quoted in US$.  
  • U.S. citizens are required to take the Special  Cuban Health and Travel Insurance option.
    • Option     Economic     Super     Special*   Price     $2/day     $3/day     $3.5/day
    • Medical Expenses Due to Illness or Accident     5,000     7,000     25,000
    • Repatriation or Transport Deceased Person     5,000     5,000     7,000
    • Repatriation or Transport Ill or Injured Person     5,000     5,000     7,000
    • Civil Responsibility     15,000     25,000     
  • Judicial Bond Advance     5,000     5,000    
  • Accidental Death     n/a     6,000     
  • Accidental Permanent Disability     6,000    
  • Luggage Tracking Down      unlimited   
    Luggage Material Loss     400    
  • Arrangement Fees for loss of documents    300   


Cuban Insurer will pay the Insured Traveler or his/her Survivor the maximum sum in the event of any injury causing loss of life or permanent disability within 12 months of the injury. In case of an injury causing a partial and permanent disability, the Insurer will pay the Insured Person, also within 12 months of the injury, a percentage of the insured sum according to an indemnity table that is available on request.


Lost or physical damage of Cuban by rough handling of baggage, fire, robbery or transportation hazards are covered by the insurance policy. If the Insured Traveller suffers the loss of baggage during transportation by any airline to Cuba that is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Cuban Insurer will pay the total insured sum. In any case the Insured Traveller must present documented evidence to prove that the damage or loss occurred. Loss caused by negligence of the Insured Person is not covered.


 Full payment of all amounts are paid in Cuba up to the maximum insured sum will be paid for costs incurred in Cuba for medical and dental emergencies, and for hospitalization and treatment, if the Insured Person becomes ill or suffers injury through an accident during the period of insurance. The Insurer will not assume payment for treatment of a existing medical condition, known or unknown by the Insured Person.


Paid in Full by the Cuban Insurance company  up to the maximum insured sum shall be paid for the accommodation and transportation of the Insured Traveller in case of an accident or illness during the period of insurance coverage when such an event prevents the Insured Person from leaving Cuba on the scheduled date, or if the Insured Person dies. In the event of death of the Insured Person, cost of burial, special coffins or urns are excluded.


Cuban Insurer ASISTUR S.A. will pay up to the maximum insured amount if the Insured Person accidentally causes physical or material damage to a third person or his/her properties.


Cuban Insurer will pay up to the maximum insured amount the expenses of the Insured Traveller in obtaining new travel documents in case of loss or theft of passport, ticket or visa.


Cuban Insurance will pay a cash advance up to the maximum insured amount or $10,000 will be granted by the Insurer in case a Cuban Court of Justice rules that a bail bond is required as a result of a legal process started against the Insured Person for criminal liability in an accident.

How to get  Travel Insurance assistance in Cuba

In Cuba when you receive your Travel Insurance vouchers from Cuban representative, you will also receive a full written policy of the insurance cover. This will be in Spanish. Here however, is a description of some of the more vital aspects of this policy.


Cuban insurance coverage is from the moment you arrive in the Republic of Cuba until you leave the country.


Disputes  with ASISTUR S.A. are settled under Cuban laws. ASISTUR must be notified immediately of any event that may give rise to a possible claim.


ASISTUR the Cuban Insurer will not be responsible nor indemnify for any damage, injury, or sickness caused by persons or professionals that are not previously authorized by the Cuban Insurer to give medical, pharmaceutical, or legal assistance.


Cuban travel insurance policies have some activities and situations for which are not covered for your vacation in Cuba  such as Medical, Transport, and Repatriation Expenses from Sickness or Accident
Asistur does not cover expenses for the following accidents and situations: War, civil or military uprising, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, detentions by authority, radioactivity, sea or mountain rescue, chronic illnesses, previously existing illnesses, congenitally recurring illnesses, prosthetic (such as contact lenses, hearing aids, glasses), pregnancy, birth, abortion, pregnancy complication, mental illness, participation in an illegal activity, suicide or attempted suicide, self inflicted injuries, treatment for intentional ingestion of drugs including alcohol, and medication without a prescription, consequences of surgery that was part of treatment for an accident, consequences of a sickness of any kind, accidents from participating in contact sport, motor sport, scuba diving, caving, and mountain climbing. This last exclusion can be covered by paying the high risk activity supplement.

Cuban Insurance Cover for Luggage

Loss or damage to bank notes, airline tickets, stamp collections, documents for professional qualification, ID documents, credit cards,  documents stored on digital devices, glasses and contact lenses; Loss of objects from being forgotten or left behind, being left in a public place (or a place where other members of the public have access to) without vigilance, breakage from attempted robbery, damage caused by civil or military uprising, strikes, earthquakes, or radioactivity, damage caused by negligence including the leakage of a liquid, damage or loss caused by the confiscation by government authority; Loss or theft of hand luggage.

Insurance for Civil Liability

Asistur does not cover you for voluntary participation in fights, except in legitimate personal defense, popular movements, illegal acts; Professional or commercial activities such as selling merchandise, or providing services; from animals that are rented or lent to the insured; For intentional ingestion of drugs including alcohol, and ingestion of prescription drugs without a prescription; Piloting boats or airplanes, or using a firearm; Responsibilities for damage and loss to a rented or occupied property under your care, control, or custody in any form.


High risk activities are NOT COVERED IN CUBA. High risk activity  extra Insurance premium supplement needs to be paid for in advance of the activity, including all contact sports, motor sports, scuba diving, caving, rock climbing, hang-gliding, skydiving, hunting, mountain climbing using ropes or guides.

When it comes to Insurance in Cuba its best to be covered properly so that you can enjoy your Cuban holiday and in case something does go wrong during your vacation in Cuba then you can be at peace that you will be taken care of properly without huge hospital and medical bills.

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Monday, July 2, 2012


Cheap Auto Insurance in Cuba?
Many Tourist are looking for the cheapest insurance rates in Cuba to rent, hire, or even buy a car while they holiday, work or just vacation in Cuba. The insurance rates in Cuba re sky high and amongst the highest insurance rates in the world. This is due to the monopoly and lack of competition from insurance companies since the Cuba government is the only  organization that even offers low car insurance rates to foreign tourist while they are holiday in Cuba.

Best advise is to shop around on many online internet sites that are geared to Cuba to get the lowest Car insurance rates possible for Cuba. one such site in HAVANA INSURANCE where the focus is providing low online insurance rates for a variety of Cuban car rental companies. Be prepared to be in shock because they insurance quotes you get will be amongst the highest rates on the planet.
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