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If you are planning to travel to Cuba without Cuba Health and Travel Insurance including medical insurance make sure your own private travel Insurance provider covers your policy just in case you need medical treatment in Cuba.

An American & European  vacationer needed medical treatment in Cuba due to a food allergy in a Cuba hotel, but because her policy as from an American affiliated provider they would not help her whilst she was on Cuban soil. Unfortunately, her injuries were not too serious to require hospitalization so make your Insurance Provider to confirm in writing that you are covered for everything  in Cuba. (this is where a Credit Card will pay for any medical treatment and must be paid for before you leave Cuba ).

 Also it is advisable to choose an Insurer that has a  24hr helpline  in case of medical  emergency even on weekends. If you phone the helpline be sure to have the number of your Cuban resort so you can request they phone you back immediately, Calls from Cuban telephone calls are expensive in Cuba and you will end up with a huge thousand dollar  telephone bill, especially if you are using a hotel phone.

 One Canadian family that had a medical emergency and were unable to get hold of their Insurers all weekend – they had to pay for all the hospital treatment and Xrays, Cuban ambulance service etc. themselves in cash as credit cards were past their limit and the banks were closed. They also ran up a huge  $1,542 cell phone bill at the hotel trying to get hold of their insurer that also had to be paid in cash.  Make sure you have a copy of your medical insurance policy and all emergency phone numbers with you during your Cuban vacation just in case.

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