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If your traveling to Cuba be careful! There are many medical problems that can and do go wrong so be well prepared. The most common problem is with food illness that plagues many hotels. This is easy to take care of with a few Aspirin or Tylenol or other laxatives. However sunburn and water sicknesses are common especially when tourist have too much rum and pass out on the beach in the hot Cuba sun. here are no compulsory vaccinations required for Cuba travel; however, the following vaccines are advisable as a sensible precautionary measure – and may be required to satisfy your Cuban Travel Insurance Policy.
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You will need these vaccines taken by your doctor at least 2 weeks prior to travel but preferably at least 2 months prior.  These vaccines are available from any doctor  or Travel Clinic and are free of charge.  It would be both sensible and advisable to have these vaccinations no matter where you travel to especially Cuba and other exotic hot spots.

Medical Tips For Cuba Trips

Sunburn: Crazy as it seems this is the number one health and medical emergency problem with tourist that travel to Cuba so bring lots of sun screen, stay out of the hot Cuba sun in the beach between 1-3 in the afternoon and Don't drink too much Cuban rum and you will be fine.

Typhoid Fever  - This disease is transmitted from human to human via food or drinking water, and it is therefore mainly hygiene and sanitary conditions that determine its spread.

Hepatitis A - This virus is present in stools passed by infected persons. It can be transmitted via contaminated food, eg. shellfish and ice-cream, as well as contaminated water and beverages. he virus can also be spread through contact with an infected person's stools through poor hygiene.

- This disease is mainly transmitted by droplets from the nose or throat being passed from person to person, eg. by coughing or sneezing.  Protection from the disease comes from having antibodies in the blood - which is the purpose of vaccination. The bacteria can easily be passed on by a person who shows no sign of illness, a so-called 'healthy disease carrier'. Diphtheria can also be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact .

Tetanus and Polio Shots: Make sure your doctor updates your polio & tetanus shots before you leave for your Cuba Vacation..

Assuming your travel vaccines are need then make sure you have your boosters shots within 6 months of your initial trip having the boosters will give you 10 years coverage with the exception of Typhoid which you will need to have every 3 years.

Most important of all make sure you get full medical travel & health insurance on your next Cuba holiday. Enjoy.
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